What we build?

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The charm and spirit of Bengaluru existed by its calm and salubrious weather conditions and being known as Garden City of India. Bengaluru has obtained a new image and reputation being termed the Silicon Valley of India. With the onset of industrialization and the IT boost the city did see a changed face of the city of Bengaluru. But NR Greenwood firmly believes that together with the city’s many characteristics, greenery being the most coveted and most valued should be retained. Retention of greenery being at the centre of the heart, NR Greenwood, as a property development company has been constantly building homes in the midst of greenery most naturally. We are able to make all our projects different with untouched greenery, unmatched design, exemplary quality and benchmark architecture. This has surely made each of our residential projects better than most others. We are working constantly to create comfortable and greener living environments. It has all been possible as we follow integrated tested systems and processes in all our construction projects. We apply innovation to create happy abodes for our customers and their families. For most in the construction industry, building homes is a business, but for NR Greenwood, it is a passion. Right from the the blueprint stage, to the final finishing on the walls, we commit ourselves to achieve architectural perfection. For us, creating a home is beyond just the foundation. We make homes with tranquil environments for a happy living.